The Atlas Journey

Libie's Story

For several years, Libie was working at an office job and sitting down for many hours a day. She found herself experiencing back pain and treated it with pain killers and massages. Her chiropractor recommended custom insoles, because “alignment starts from the ground up,” he said. They sounded great! Until she realized they were hundreds of dollars.

Daniel's Story

Daniel grew up with regular foot and back pain – never enough to justify a doctor’s visit, but always enough to be a burden. He knew the importance of arch support, but not how to translate that into buying the right shoes. So, he continued to wear the latest trendy brands that his friends wore, and his pains persisted.

And then we crossed paths

In April 2019 we met and discovered that we both shared a desire to end the unsupportive shoe crisis. We knew we needed answers – so, we spoke to dozens of podiatrists, chiropractors, pedortists, biomechanical engineers, materials scientists, shoe manufacturers, (the list goes on), and landed on our mission: to build a brand that modernizes arch support.

An insole crafted in Portugal:

We partnered with an incredible, artisanal team in Porto, Portugal to create our first product, the classic Atlas insole. Our entire team also adheres to the highest sustainability values, redefining the standard across the industry by producing Atlas insoles with best-in-class natural materials. Every Atlas insole is made by hand, checked for quality, and tested for durability before being shipped to you.

Our values and mission

We are on a mission to make everyone’s footwear supportive. We believe that major footwear brands today prioritize style and design, leaving arch support out of the equation. Through every step of our development, we prioritize wellness, sustainability, and creating a dialogue around support.